Sons & Daughters Ranch,
Russian River Valley
22 acres - planted from 1885 - 1970
17 more acres planted in 2013

Download Sons and Daughters Ranch Map
Direction to Sons & Daughters Ranch

42 acre parcel:

Located off  Old Redwood Highway, in the Town of Windsor, our newest Russian River Valley Vineyard is also within the Chalk Hill Appellation.

The name ‘Sons and Daughters Ranch’ is an ode to the six siblings of the Baker Family, four daughters and two sons.

22 acres planted:

17 acres of chardonnay planted in early 1970’s (clone 4)
2.5 acres of ‘Old Vine Zinfandel' planted in 1885
2.5 acres of Zinfandel planted in early 1970’s

17 acres planted in 2013:

3 acres of Viognier (Clone 1)
3 acres of Grenache Blanc (Clone 1)
3 acres of Grenache (Alban clones)
8 acres of Pinot Noir (Calera clone)


A classic valley floor vineyard with alluvial soils exhibiting the dry, silty, loamy, sand and gravel soils that you would expect to find in a dried out riverbed. This vineyard has been producing classic Russian River Valley wines for at least 130 years. Most recently, the grapes grown on Sons & Daughters Ranch have been sourced by top Russian River Valley wineries to create some highly notable wines.

New Plantings

In 2013 we planted rootstock chosen to create balance with soil characteristics, wine grape variety, trellis system design, plant density and water availability to achieve ideal growing conditions for our new varieties/clones.

100% Estate Wines

Since Thomas George Estates was founded in 2008, our ultimate goal has been to produce only wines from grapes grown in vineyards in the Russian River Valley, which we own. We are confident that the addition of our Sons & Daughters Vineyard to our three hillside Russian River Valley Vineyards, Baker Ridge, Starr Ridge and Cresta Ridge will enable us to become an Estate producer of exclusively Russian River Valley wines by 2017.