Pinot Noir - 18 acres
Chardonnay- 4 acres

Starr Ridge Vineyard is comprised of 22 acres of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, the majority of which was planted in 1996. Located on the northeastern slopes of the Santa Rosa Plain, it is a notably breezy spot, and it is not unusual for this vineyard to be cooled by dueling fog layers moving inland from the Russian River and north from San Francisco Bay. Despite these factors, Starr Ridge is the warmest of Thomas George Estates' three vineyards. The vineyard’s facing is mainly to the east, reducing the exposure of the vines to afternoon sun. This, combined with the wind and fog influences, mitigate the somewhat warmer temperatures this area of the valley experiences.

The soils at Starr Ridge Vineyard are generally very gravelly loam on the steeper sections of the ridge, with a somewhat higher composition of clay loam lower on the hill. Most of the rock here is either volcanic ash, or decomposing sandstone, both of which offer excellent drainage for the vines. Starr Ridge Vineyard is farmed as seven distinct blocks, with five blocks of Pinot Noir (clone 777, 114, 115 and Pommard) and two of Chardonnay (clones 95 and 96).